Hello and welcome to Precise Mastering, providing professional Mastering and Lacquer cutting services with over 15 years experience. We have the highest quality analogue & digital mastering studio and provide warm and super detailed sound. Whilst always respecting the original mix, we can be as transparent or as bold as your music requires.

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We do kindly request that payment is received before we release your masters. You can pay using a variety of methods. We accept debit and credit cards via our website or over the phone, bank transfers and PayPal. Some fees may apply.

Once payment is clear and your masters are ready, we will upload them securely to your Precise account ‘My Music’ download area and also send you a link via email. Once you are happy with your masters, we will then proceed with any additional CD or Master Lacquer Cutting services you may have ordered.


  • "thanks so much Sam. I know you go above and beyond to get this stuff working. Trust me it sounds amazing on big soundsystems!"

    Jack Dunning AKA UNTOLD

  • "Much as I expected, the tracks sound brilliant. You both are to be commended for excellent service and attention to detail... I feel that at every turn you had complete understanding of my needs and hopes for the final outcome. You certainly delivered. "

    Lee, The Stunt People

  • "Sam has an innate ability at getting musicality onto lacquer. He has a way of pulling the most out of your music with an understanding of how to engage the fullest potential of the vinyl medium. I can't express this enough: Sam John is who you want to make your lacquer master."

    Dean Hurley - LA

  • "Sam at Precise has never failed to blow me away. He a super nice chap with amazing ears, a total professional and perfectionist. Nothing is too much trouble and wil go beyond the call of duty. Forget Metropolis & Abbey Road - Precise’s studio set up and service levels beats them hands down and most importantly represent great value for money! "

    Mickleen AKA Mike Sinnott

  • "Perfect work again. I can't express sincerely enough how much I appreciate the new sheen you've put on my label's releases. It's great to have another member of the team that I don't have to ever stress over, or have doubts, but I just get to be excited to hear the tack you take on translating these works. Glad to be a part of your world"

    Ohm Resistance

  • "Thank you Sam you've done it again!!!..... I'm so happy we made the switch to cutting with you. The difference is like night and day, I'm really pleased. Thanks so much.....They sound brilliant Sam. Over the moon !! Thank you very much "

    Alex Sushon - DJ Bok Bok Bok

  • "...By the way, that one got great 1Xtra play they named it their Unsigned Track of the Week and Twin B made it 1Xtra's Best of British, so big up!"

    Context MC

  • "I love the way how you bring the whole arrangement forward into the room and fill it out in a special kind of 3rd dimension. Great job!"

    Roman Hoesel - Audiocalligraphy

  • "Brilliant!! Thanks so much Sam, really nice top end on the mix without it grating on your ears and the low end is so much more defined and the strings!!! love it!!"

    Shervin Shaeri

  • "That is the best mastering job I have ever f***ing heard .. still raw and hiss at an acceptable "analogue feel" level. Dude this is a really f***ing heavy record , actually totally sh*ts over anything in a remotely similar style."

    Gator Bait Ten

  • "Precise are extended family, honorary cassette librarians, my go-to mastering engineers of choice. Since WNCL004, I've entrusted Sam and Chantel with handling all my stuffs. Including a marriage proposal. A truly family affair. Thanks for everything."

    Bob, West Norwood Cassette Library / WNCL Recordings

  • "Ah man, this is defo the best work so far. 'Ratas' especially, sounds absolutely brilliant! :) Thanks again!!! "

    Tommy - Bassism Records

  • "Hey Sam. Love the job you've done on the mastering. Sounds nice and big...Cheers and thank you for everything!"

    Scott - Shoot the Moon

  • "Thanks a million! LOVE IT!!! Looking forward to doing more business with you guys in the future! "

    Samuel Riot

  • "A quick feedback to tell you the test press have been played by quite some djs now, and the one a only feedback I'm getting about it is that the sound is amazing!"

    Mattias de Barberin - F4T Music

  • "Man thanks so much for the mastering! Played the tunes out on a rig a few days ago & BOOM, low end was impressive for sure. You really tidied up that 900-3000 Hz area which is usually where I start pulling my hair out in mixdown. Thanks. I will totally work with you guys again. "

    Chris - Monolithium
    soundcloud @monolithiummm monolithiumblr

  • "This is the first time I have had my songs mastered by someone of your caliber. The difference is F***ING HUGE. I don't know how you did it, what you did.... But you have realized the vision that I have been trying to accomplish with these tunes fully and completely. I am so, so grateful to have found you guys. I am still in shock. Wow"

    Liam Shy

  • "i will definitely be back in touch to get more tracks done. The feedback also was first class. For me the comments and advise is as much value as the final track itself. One final point, the level of service and communication by Chantel at the outset and throughout was also first class and matches the professional quality of the music output too. Thanks once again. "

    Neil Richie

  • "Had a chance to hear the tracks on our good system and let me just say...wow! Excellent work, it literally sounds like someone lifted a blanket from them :] Very impressed! So i'll be uploading 2 more of our tracks very soon. Thanks a TON guys, Chantel, for the excellent service and Sam, for the pristine mastering skills :) You truly are *PRECISE* and we will definitely be returning customers!"

    Matt McDonald

  • "The Masters sound amazing, it is my pleasure working with you! Really, it's perfect. Whatever you did, it sounds magic. I'm totally blown away right now! :) Your help and service, was amazing, and the results are currently blowing some heads off and everybody is amazed. I got some really good feedback already, so it's great. :) Thanks. "

    Janko Novoselic - Tobogan

  • "I listened to the masters in my friends studio on a pair of MB2S. That roll back on the top end was subtle and nicely done. The masters have the nice epic feel about them that I was looking for... Massive and like a landscape of sound. In summary, F***ING AWESOME JOB. You have been credited on the album."

    Ordered Records

  • "Many thanks for the test pressing - it sounds excellent. Precise have done a cracking job with the mastering - really sounds good as soon as you touch the needle down. Great warmth to it - really bloody powerful sounding! Very pleased with it."


  • "Still in absolute ore of the masters that came back last week. So pleased with the sound it's untrue. I think I'm hooked!"

    Shades of Grey Recordings

  • "Hi Sam Just had a good listen thru the masters and I must say they sound amazing! The best way to describe is like seeing with HD.. full focus, you can hear every little part of the track. I am really pleased can't wait to forward these to the artists!"

    Jay Kenzo / Artikal

  • "Everything sounds AWESOME and we are beyond stoked!"

    Friends of Friends - California

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