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Sam John

Sam John - Mastering & Cutting Engineer 

I set up Precise Mastering in 2005, with the sole aim to provide the very best quality and service. I specialise in Analogue Mastering, Vinyl Mastering, Stem Mastering, Master Lacquer Cutting for vinyl, Master CD services and dubplate acetate cutting.  

For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with sound, music & vinyl records. 

From a young age I built my own speakers and slowly built up my separate hifi system to my taste.  A powerful sound with deep high fidelity bass, clear 3D midrange and a crisp yet non fatiguing high range has and still is the sound I love.  I have a musical background from playing the piano and then the drums and this followed onto DJing with vinyl.  I spent a lot of my spare time as a teenager mixing records that I had purchased while visiting the many record shops in London.

My tastes and experience have grown immensely and to this day I still love making whatever I do sound exciting, full of life and something that stands out from the crowd.  I was fortunate enough to be pointed towards the fantastic Alchemea Audio Engineering College in London where I worked hard but more to the point thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the Diploma course from which I came away with a distinction.  Subsequently some years later with good Mastering experience I was invited to run and lecture a course in the art of mastering which I successfully did for 4 years alongside running Precise.

I’m a highly self-motivated person with a perfectionist yet realistic attitude to most things in life.  I gained many years experience working for different Mastering studios and also worked and managed a few pressing and galvanics plants while still mastering (naturally).  This experience gave me the idea that I should setup my own mastering facility, where I could tailor the service to my style and standards.  I stand by all my work and treat every track as if it were my own.  Precise has gained a strong reputation for the extremely high standards we provide.

Feel free to check out my Portfolio and Discogs, which shows some of the work I have done.  I can also be found on Facebook and on Linked In.  Look forward to working with you!

Chantel John - Office & Bookings

I joined Precise in 2009 to manage the office and bookings.  Being your first point of contact i am here to assist you with a warm, friendly and professional service, We are team players and I love getting to know all the diverse people from all over the world that this job brings.   Having previously worked in London at a busy magazine publishing and distribution firm for 5 years, I was able to build up my skills to ensure only the best customer service is provided. 

If you have any enquiries at all please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to assist you.

I can also be found on Linked In.

Zoe John - Office & Bookings

I joined in 2015 and have been training in the management of the office and bookings. Everyday here at Precise Mastering is fresh and interesting, with an amazing client list to work with why wouldn't it be! Since working here I've been getting up to speed with the way the business is run and earlier in the year I took part in getting to understand the way the website is set up. With my degree in art I hope to help in as many artistic ways as possible! Previously I was working at an Art School in London and at a Magazine distribution company, which I have found has helped with the skill's needed for this job. I am delighted to be part of this dynamic team and look forward to meeting online new clients and to thank the loyalty of all Precise's long standing clients, a big thank you to you all. My gratitude and appreciation to Sam for this opportunity & Chantel for all her hard work and support before starting in the office. Since I've been here I have really taken on board the rewards you can hear from a clear sound by getting Mastering done and because of this I feel satisfied that it can give a result that's long lasting, stimulating and bold. The long term benefits are clear for me to hear and I look forward to receiving new projects so please feel free to contact me for any of your questions & enquires. 

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