Frequently Asked Questions

How many minutes fit on a 12" Record?

Anything up to 25mins per side is fine, it may mean we loose some level. We recommend in the region of 20mins per side as it means a nice level and usually a little space left at the end of the record, which will help retain the highs and a clearer sound for the tracks closer to the end of the sides.

What Is Mastering?

Mastering is our standard service. Once you have recorded and mixed your music you will require mastering to give it the professional finish making it ready for digital release and or manufacturing for CD / Vinyl. Our engineer uses his ears and experience to pull all the areas of your tracks together, lifting it adding warmth and clarity to give it a professional finish. Mastering is just as important as any other process that goes into producing your track. It is the last process and one that really shows when done by a profesional. Our engineer has a wide variety of experience and knowledge and uses high end analogue equipment to make your track sound the best it possibly can.

What is Stem Mastering?

This a method of mixing audio material spilt usually into 4 or 5 parts(although can be more). Stem mastering allows our engineer to master each stem separately combining them into a final master mix. Stem mastering can be extremely beneficial and does provide excellent results as it provides us with more flexibility. It is also ideal if you are not 100% happy with your mix and would like us to address a particular area. .

How do I pay?

Once we have received your order and confirmed your booking we will send you a Precise invoice via email. Our prefered methods of payment is either card payment via Sage pay which is available to pay on our website and bank transfers (for UK customers). We also accept PayPal. We kindly request, that any fees that occur are covered when paying with overseas bank transfers or PayPal.

Can I hear my tracks before I pay?

Unless we have a terms and agreement set up with you, we do kindly request that payment is received and clear before we release any completed work. We will happily carry out the work before payment but we require payment to be made and clear before the mastered files are released.

How do I receive my master files?

As standard we will provide you with both Master 16bit WAV and 320Kbps MP3 files. Higher Bit rates and Sample rates are available upon request at an additional cost. We will upload the masters to our server and put a copy of them in your account folder where they will be available for you to access and download for a period of 14 days unless you purchase extended archiving.

What is a DDPi Master?

A DDPi is an encoded Master file set which can then be used for manufacturing (Replication). It can either be burned onto a physical disc or sent electronically. We encode the ISRC codes, CD text & PQ encoding. You would only need this service if you were looking to have your music manufactured for CD sales.

What is a Redbook Master?

A Redbook Master, is a master CD which is used for either duplication and replication. Ideal for a producing smaller runs of CD's for demo and promo copies. Can be encoded with CD Text and ISRC codes if provided.

What is the best BIT & Sample Rate?

The higher the better as far as we are concerned, but we will accept 44.1KHz/ 16 bit

How should I prepare my files to send?

Our best advice is that you should make your decisions based on what sounds good rather then a set of rules. Lots of tools are good if you actually understand there are strong and weak points and when to apply or not to apply them, therefore use your ears try not to look at the stereo analyser too much (it will play with your head ha ha) We will let you know if something is sounding not right and then you can address it.

How do I book in with you?

To book in with us is very simple. Please create an account with us by registering on our website then click on order form or submit an order. There is also a section on the form which allows you to upload your tracks. Once received we will send you an email to confirm your booking. You can also contact chantel (at) or call us on +44 (0)20 8677 2233 if you would like any further information or would like to discuss your project in further detail.

What is the turnaround time?

Turnaround time for Mastering varies and is usually between 1-2 weeks. We always endeavour to get in back to you completed as soon as we possibly can. If you have a particular deadline please get in touch with us to discuss this, we offer speedy turnaround sessions for time sensitive projects on request.

Can I attend?


Where can I upload my tracks?

You can upload them via our simple upload area on our website or you can send them via another upload website of your choice such as WeTransfer/SendSpace/Dropbox etc... We also accept FTP, email links and CD’s/USB pens via the post. Whichever suits you best!

Do you have analogue or digital equipment?

We master with the very best analogue hardware and digital software on the market. We have tried and tested much of the equipment available on the market and have equipped our studio with the best tools we can find. We are always upgrading our studio to keep in trends with the latest technology and we incorporate the best of both analogue and digital to ensure your master sounds the best it possibly can. Some of our equipment has been custom made for us and tailored to our requirements. With our engineer being equipped with the highest quality tools, you can look forward to receiving an amazing sounding end product.

How many stems do you accept for stem mastering?

Stem mastering usually consists of 4 or 5 stems however more or less can be accepted it all depends on the music. When the stems are played back in the Mastering room they should replicate your Stereo mix. The idea of Stem Mastering is to give added flexibility with the option to work more closely with a particular area of a track.

Do you offer a discount for instrumentals or edits?

Yes we offer a 50% reduced rate for instrumental and edits from the same mix done in the same session as the main mix.

Do you press vinyl records?

No we are a specialist Mastering and Vinyl Cutting room. However we are happy to offer recommendations as we work with most of the pressing plants world wide.

Do you manufacture CD’s?

At the present time we do not offer duplication or replication of CD’s, but we are happy to make a recomendation.

Do you offer demos or free tracks to hear the quality?

We do not offer demo’s due to time constrictions. We appreciate that you may like to check our work out before you go ahead with say an album. Our advice is to book one track for mastering, we work hard to make our Master we supply stand out from the crowd. We stand by all out work and our goal is to find the absolute best from your music!

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