Precise Philosophy

Someone whom I admire and respect in the industry and is also a close friend once told me its not the specialist equipment that makes the master, if this was the case we would all be able to paint like Picasso if only we had his brushes. There is not a magic brush or a magic piece of equipment that will create the vision that you have at the end. It is only the person s flare skill and passion that can deliver these sorts of results.  

I am all about retaining dynamics giving the tracks warmth, more energy and vibes.  Allowing the end listener to hear the subtle detail and production that may not have been to apparent before hand.  

I love adding power and punch where it fits whilst maintaining clarity and a high resolution.  Ultimately the goal is to make the master as engaging and as interesting as possible.  Working with the natural vibe of the mix I strive to provide a soundscape that has a 3D feel, where the tracks work with each other with space, a sense of depth and continuity.

A Neutral monitoring environment where the music can been heard in its clean and truest form is key.  It is also about understanding how not to over complicate or over process the pre master.

Of course mastering is not the only important factor when choosing a mastering establishment, we understand that deadlines are always going to be there and we will always accommodate them where possible.  A professional, personal and friendly service is standard here at Precise.

Finally and ultimately we really love what we do and we do feel that this shines in our end results.

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We like to work as closely as possible every step of the way through Mastering your project. To discuss your project in detail please get in touch with us.

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