Argent Sale

Mastered for Digital, CD, Vinyl and Lacquer Cut by Sam @ Precise Mastering


Argent Sale is an electronic music audiovisual label based in Geneva. Run by Schnautzi, their style is as diverse as you would expect the services of that of a Swiss banker!


How Argent Sale started........

Having a few drinks one day, here’s how the conversation went:

“Hey guys, this is a crisis. No other option but to start making some money so as to help re-launch growth!”

No sooner said than done: as model consumer-citizens, we immediately began looking for a way to earn lots of money so as to spend it to jump-start the economy.

For, thanks to neo-liberal logic, we were aware that being an altruist in the 21st century means earning lots of money, taking out loans and consuming as much as possible!

Considering that it might take some time before we’re all share- and stock-holders, before we can earn enough cash to avoid having to pay taxes, before we can make our friends green with envy because WE’ve got a pension plan… in the meantime, we just had to come up with something concrete.

And that’s when it hit us:

“Immediately stop our creative, artistic and associative activities that have zero future on the financial markets. Instead, we set up an audiovisual label, exploit artists who haven’t yet woken up to the fact that they’re not going to change the world; we buy their souls and sell them to the highest bidder. We share the profits and, when the time is ripe, we do what we’ve dreamt of doing since we were tiny tots: enter the stock market, restructure, down-size, out-source…”

Argent Sale was born.


TANZ/TANZ: The Jonction Episodes CAT: AS11

Oxsa: “Entropie EP” CAT: AS8

Schnautzi: “Midi - Minuit” CAT: AS10D


Schnautzi & DirtyMadSound: Le Piège CAT: AS9D

Schnautzi: La Courbe CAT: AS7D

Bauchamp - Bumpy Night CAT: AS6D


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