Birdy Nam Nam

Mastered for Digital, CD, Vinyl and Lacquer Cut by Sam @ Precise Mastering

Birdy Nam Nam

Birdy Nam Nam are a DJ crew from France whose members are Crazy-B, DJ Pone, DJ Need, and Little Mike. Birdy Nam Nam have won several prizes throughout their career including the DMC Technics 2002 World TEAM Championships. Birdy Nam Nam's goal is to use the turntable player as an actual musical instrument. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2006 on Uncivilized World Records, and in March of that year, they performed at the internationally-renowned music conference SXSW. 

They gain their music from friends, owned albums, and press beats and patterns into vinyl to assemble their music live. They have been working with fixtures in the French Electro scene, and their song Trans Boulogne Express appeared in the movie Transporter 3. Collaborating with French house artists Justice and Yuksek, they are on the path to international success.

'Goin In' EP was released on 12" Vinyl, CD & Digital. It features TTC’s Teki Latex on vocals and Para One on production. There are four remixes by French Fries, Noob, Glass Figure Dumb & Bad Dancer

'Defiant Order' LP Released on 12" Vinyl, CD & Digital

Both with Sony Music and Savior Faire


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