Bon Chat Bon Rat

Bon Chat Bon Rat

Sydney three-piece Bon Chat, Bon Rat sound exactly like a band from the year 2010. Which is to say they sound exactly like a band from the year 1982 who discovered Macbooks in a time machine then smoked too much weed and proceeded to wig the fuck out. -

Their self-titled EP is a blend of several electronic styles you've probably heard before, but they're so well constructed that you probably won't mind. What makes Bon Chat Bon Rat worth listening to is their ability to blend seemingly opposing styles together in a way that makes sense. Bon Chat, Bon Rat are like an hour of Rage condensed into song, if you don't like what you hear just wait a few minutes and see what comes next. - Liam Jordan [The AU Review]

BON CHAT, BON RAT have a really good publicist. Their press release has stolen every adjective, verb and noun I could have possibly used to describe the Sydney trio. What it doesn't mention however is that they're also fucking fantastic. The tracks on this EP, despite being extremely polished, layered and well written, feel raw and uncompromised. This is music made as art. The tracks feel both organic and hollow, with a continuous theme of machine vs. instrument constantly evolving the tracks over multiple listens. The names M83, Flying Lotus, Decoder Ring, Portis Head and Thom Yorke will spring to mind, but not overpower it, as the album constructs its own sound and attitude that separates it from its inspirations. Awesome. - FRUITZ & BEATZ []..

Their songs are the product of actual thought; their arrangements use the aforementioned instruments, but they’re deployed in a dynamic way that rewards attention to detail. Their tracks never slow down to pat themselves on the back, and the disparate elements create tension, never translating as awkwardly sandwiched together. - Matt Hickey [WhoTheHell?/The Vine]

It’s an individualistic sound, which in a way can’t be explained easily. I suppose there is an element of paradox within the music of Bon Chat, Bon Rat, in that it combines the percussive sound of xylophones with sounds of the future emanating from synths and computers. It’s a brash statement they are making with this release. Tracks like “Tribes” hiss and pulsate with intriguing sounds that float in the listener’s head space, and all rounded up in the snugness of a song sung with intent. If I ever went to space, I’d make sure this Sydney band was on my iPad (or other musical device that I’d have when we go into space). - Philippe Perez [2SER FM/Band Next Door]


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