- A little bit about yourself: I make hybrid club music. It’s music that combines elements from ghetto house/juke, hiphop, R&B, chicago house, and UK funky/house to make something special.
- About this challenge: I was totally up for it, it’s more or less what I do already anyway.
- Which Kuduro elements inspired you?: The 140 bpm was the first thing that I put down, most kuduro is that tempo, so that was a given.  A lot of southern hiphop is also 140 bpm which is where the vocal hook is from.  The arp synths are very house which help balance the more aggressive elements, I thought it would be fun to play with a cheekier timbre since most kuduro is very atonal and hard.
- 5 songs you’re into lately: Diamond – I’m One One; Mele – What’s The 411; Fabolous – Rollin; YC – Racks; Jhene Aiko – Stranger (Nguzunguzu Remix).


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