Mastered for Digital, CD, Vinyl and Lacquer Cut by Sam @ Precise Mastering

Louis Rogé, Originating from France, is better known by the stage name Brodinski. He is a turntablist , composer and producer of electronic music. The music he produces has very strong American and English tendencies. He is, along with his friend and manager Manu Barron, the creator of the Bromance Records label. In addition to the Bromance residence at the Social Club (Paris), he plays DJ set under the name of The Boogieman at Mardi McFly.




Brodinski is an exciting dj and producer to explode onto the scene in recent years. Yes, he may hail from France (Reims, Lille) but he is quite unlike any of his Parisian peers. His taste in music is broad and this is reflected in his own productions and dj sets which may encompass noisy techno, bass heavy house through to more melodic minimal. His programming is impeccable and he plays with such spirit that his 6 foot 2'’ frame jerks and bounces when he gets excited by a track (yet he has never fuelled with anything more than Fanta Lemon!).

Brodinski has linked up with Atlanta Native Hoodrich Pablo Juan to produce "IWFYB". Sam here at Precise Mastering has worked with Brodinski for a number of years and gets a great deal of pleasure getting that sound that is 'best' for Brodinski's music. 


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