Christopher D Ashley

Christopher D Ashley

Christopher D Ashley is the freshest and most exciting new artist to join Sunday Best Recordings roster. Christopher was born to an English father, and a Belizean mother.  His father was a devout atheist physicist and mathematician who believed in the disciplines of logic and reason.  His mother came from a third world culture pervaded by voodoo, black magic and English colonialism.  Not the most apparent of partnerships, however one that introduced Christopher to a truly diverse range of music from a very early age.

"My dad, a physics teacher, showed me with some excitement, that you could programme tunes on a BBC computer when I was about 8.  He told me that this was the future.  I remember hearing this cool type of music in the 80s called 'electro' on DEF II and I remember thinking that it was the best sound I'd ever heard."

First picking up a piano aged 2, classically trained from the age of 5, and passing grade 8 exams with distinction by age 14, Christopher's clear affinity and talent for music became apparent and more serious.  He had developed an interest in 20th century experimentalism and the avant-garde by his mid-teens - though he preferred to listen to thrash metal (and had been teaching himself guitar and bass since he was 11), he was fascinated by Stockhausen, Cage and Reich.



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