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Jon AD Lo Dubs

LoDubs was founded in late 2006 by Jon AD as a sub label of losonofono, with the intention of releasing a new strain of bass driven music in the canon of Garage, which at the time had not quite settled on the term Dubstep. Quite rapidly the label garnered a singular level of importance, Having released the debut releases in the sound from such mammoth figures as XI, 6Blocc, DZ, Bombaman, Starkey, Clubroot, Swarms and Cardopusher.

LoDubs is not your ordinary dance music imprint, nor is Jon A.D. a young upstart. The label is run from inside Anthem Records, a record store (and label of the same name) that Jon owns, and which specializes in limited-edition metal, noise, and drone releases. This may seem contradictory, but Jon sees a strong connection between metal, noise, and dubstep. “Dubstep is so much about drum structures. And when you increase the air and rhythm in tracks, that allows drone and other frequencies to come out.


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