Creaked Records

The label Creaked started in 2004. After building its foundation over the years, it has become something different in Switzerland and elsewhere. Tunes have always bounced around in our heads, long before this simple Swiss label came onto the scene---tunes that are not just Techno, Experimental, Pop, Folk, Electronica or Rock, but are all beyond these niches.

Oriented towards the widest variety of offerings including an international roster renowned artists and newcomers, Creaked will bravely cross any border to bring the best to your ears. As well as supporting new projects with established artists, a lot of work and effort goes into an artist's career development. The labels sound, if there is such a thing, is impossible to pigeonhole. Joy and creativity shouldn't be squeezed into a genre-bound compartment.

In releases, Creaked pays special attention to bringing the listener the original emotion of the work, and also delights the eye by working with local and international graphic artists on cover design.


Isolated Lines / Linear Reflections - CRDS37

Dam Mantle Buvette CRDS34

Joe Galen CRDS23


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