Daniel Boyle

Mastered for Digital, CD, Vinyl and Lacquer Cut by Sam @ Precise Mastering

Daniel Boyle got started as an engineer and producer working at Purple Studios, a residential facility in Norfolk where he oversaw recordings ranging from punk to funk. But he had always harboured a particular passion for reggae. “Not the commercial super-clean reggae, but the roots reggae from Jamaica, the really ‘conscious’ music as they call it”. Artists like King Tubby and Lee Perry fascinated Boyle and by collecting old vinyl records when he young was his way of attempting to teach himself how to produce and record music that had that sound.

“I used to listen to this music and be fascinated by the sonic qualities of it — the depth, the space, and the obvious creativity that those engineers used in their productions. I knew it was being done live on a mixing desk, so I began to experiment myself, and that’s kind of what really created the bug. It’s music that engineers listen to because they’re like, OK, this is really creative stuff.”


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