Dario Faini - Dardust

Mastered for Digital, at Precise Mastering by Sam



Dario Faini is an Italian Pianist, Composer and lyricist. Dario has been setting a packed performance with his singing and songwriting, he has nine years of classical piano behind him thats added to his training and has taken no time in creating a sound thats both electronic and pop.


Dardust is the name of the new musical project of Dario Faini, begun in 2014 and still ongoing. The group is formed by a string trio, Carmelo Emanuele Patti, Simone Sitta and Simone Giorgini, and multi-instrumentalist, curator of the electronic part, Vanni Casagrande. The musical genre of the group is neoclassical / electronic

Mastered for Digital by Sam @ Precise Mastering


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