Fade To Mind

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Fade to Mind has become one of the most influential projects in L.A. underground music, as a pioneer of a particular style of eerie, electronic club music. After dozens of releases from artists including Nguzunguzu, Kingdom, Fatima Al Qadiri and Total Freedom, the collective is now influencing a much broader swath of culture. From Beyonce to Tinashe, from the darkest warehouse parties to ambitious art museums and the biggest mainstream dance music festivals, Fade to Mind’s murky mood isn’t fringe anymore -- it defines L.A.’s late nights and radio hits alike. (Quoted from the Los Angeles Times Newspaper) 

The LA-based DJ Ezra Rubin spins under the name Kingdom and presides over the "movement" Fade to Mind, an underground record label and series of club nights that has been popping off for the last two years. The artist's own unmistakably dance-y tracks crossfade the dark bass of UK garage with the melodic catch of R&B.


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