Friends of Friends

Mastered for Digital, CD, Vinyl and Lacquer Cut by Sam @ Precise Mastering

A new type of label called FoF Music (Friends of Friends), the name itself is the driving force behind the label and website, referring to the most effective way (yet traditional way!) people learn about new music: through Friends!

The hope is to help re-invent how music is released in a way that is not only more involving for the artist (A&R, artwork, marketing) but more importantly truly enticing for the fans. We want to create releases that are inspiring for artists and fans alike; with the intention to create a product that is not a useless plastic memory holder but rather is worth the hard earned money spent to create and purchase.

Artists include  Paul Salva, Tomas Barford,  Suzanne Craft,  LOL Boys & Groundislava

Tomas Barford
Paul Salva

Tomas Barfod - Salton Sea

Salva - Yellobone

LOL Boys - Changes
Horoscope - Suzanna Kraft
Groundislava - Feel Me

LOL Boys - Changes

Suzanne Kraft - Horoscope 

Groundislava - Feel Me


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