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Founded in London in 2003, Hotflush Recordings quickly became synonymous with the sound that came to be known as dubstep. A UK underground movement that evolved from UK garage and draws influences from dub, breaks, reggae, grime, 2-step, and many other musical flavours, the genre took time to attract attention but finally emerged from obscurity in 2006 and has since remorselessly expanded across the globe.

During dubstep’s formative period Hotflush unleashed some of the genre’s emerging stars, including Distance, Boxcutter, and Scuba, and delivered some of the early landmark releases, notably Toasty - The Knowledge and Search & Destroy – Candyfloss.

The Hotflush label has been a creative incubator for some of the most original and forward-thinking producers in dubstep including the likes ofDistanceJoy OrbisonMount KimbiePangaeaLoefahToastySlaughter Mob,VaccineGraviousMarlowBoxcutter and Jazzsteppa. Hotflush - along with Paul Rose’s other imprints - Abucs, Scuba and HF2 can always be relied on to push the dubstep sound in new and exciting directions.

The label continued to drive the dubstep sound forward with an onslaught of 12” releases from prominent artists including Shackleton, Loefah, and Martyn, always concentrating on fresh ideas and originality. 2007 brought the first Hotflush long player in the shape of the Space and Time compilation and the label’s first artist album, A Mutual Antipathy (2008) by Scuba, was featured in Resident Advisor’s top 20 albums of the year.

In 2009 the label continued its tradition of unearthing the best new talent, releasing debut material from Sigha, Mount Kimbie and Joy Orbison. The latter’s single, Hyph Mngo, went on to be named track of the year in numerous publications including FACT, which also named Mount Kimbie’s Maybes in its top 3, and Resident Advisor, which also named Hotflush in the top 5 labels of the year.



Hotflush presents the return of Sigha with a new EP entitled “Abstractions I-IV”, his sixth on the label. On this release he reaches into darker territory, beginning with a beatless, ambient suspension, drawing the listener in his submerged sonic sphere before dropping into a series of chilling compositions that seem to seethe and smolder at sub-zero temperatures, adorned with haunting electronic blips and synthetic machinations throughout.

Stolen - Paul Woolford & PsycatronHotflush presents a special collaboration between two modern-day techno innovators: Paul Woolford and Psycatron. Both maintaining an influential discography on labels such as Planet E, Intimacy, Tresor, and Bedrock, they’ve come together to produce “Stolen”, a nine-minute techno excursion. Utilising relentless, throbbing percussion that sizzles over growling, acidic synthesis and carefully placed samples, it’s presented in three distinct versions, introducing filter-swept chords in the Dub Mix, and an even deeper submersion in the second Dub Mix that perfectly eclipses the raw temperament of the original.
Info: Surus / Hotflush recordings


Following the first Scuba LP, A Mutual Antipathy (2008), and the more recent Aesaunic EP (2009), this album takes the Scuba sound to a new level. The collision of dubstep and techno has produced startling music from a wide range of producers in the last few years, none more than Scuba, and that has been well documented. But Triangulation moves past the dubstep/techno axis and into new territory. Working at multiple tempos, the album covers an area ranging from house to experimental drum n bass while retaining the Scuba sound that has become so distinctive. (info from

A Mutual Antipathy


A Mutual Antipathy is a stunningly successful combination of London dubstep beats and subs with the floating textures of early ‘90s and contemporary techno, all pitched just right for home listening.

That is the key to this album—it knows that the home isn't the club, yet it sacrifices little of what makes dubstep such potent club music. Right from opener ‘Systematic Decline,’ this album bounces on a bed of sub-bass, though mostly this takes a backseat to the melodic elements of the tracks

Jacob Burns (Resident advisor) Published Fri, 28 March 2008


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