Kete Bowers

Mastered for Digital, Vinyl and Lacquer Cut by Sam @ Precise Mastering

Listening to the debut album of Kete Bowers one could easily mistake him for being a seasoned pro as the album Road is mature in both lyrics and sound. Hailing from Liverpool originally he now lives in London while also spending time in Nashville. The album is set in the genre of American Country and Folk. His early musical influences include Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley. These influences are apparent while listening to the record where some songs like the opening track Road are classic American Country songs whereas others such as Stay would be more MOR (middle of the road).
The various themes throughout the album include love, loss and family where the influence of his grandmother is huge. Indeed the second song on the album is named after her and is called Isobel. Quite possibly the strongest song on the album, this song traces his memories of her and of listening to songs with her as a child.  He sings of still singing the songs she sang to him and Jim Reeves is even mentioned in the song. His loss at her passing is acutely felt especially with the lyrics “And I don’t want the flowers to see you cry, If they do they’ll surely die”. The lyrics are accompanied with a beautiful melody and with the soft backing vocals of Lily Gonzalez.. 
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