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Kozmodrum synthesises techno, house, jungle and dubstep with a traditional jazz ensemble to create new musical structures. The group’s main influence is electronic music, but the primary tools they use to perform are instruments that are traditional: guitars, drums and keyboards. Using the analogy of DJ sets, the compositions are made to be played openly, where the beat is played in a loop until a cue is given to make a change or move to another part. The pieces are often minimalistic to start with, but evolve during the performance in to more complex patterns, harmonies and melodies.

In the lineup are John and Elvis Kapeć Penava on guitars, Goran Delač on bass and Hrvoje Galler on keyboards, respectively musicians known for their work in very different fields and 
forms of music, but this setup is ideal for discovering new sounds, but at the same time 
rooted in traditional improvisational music. 
Janko Novoselic has worked with Sam here at Precise Mastering for many years and the sound that is achieved by Sam's attention to detail can be of great value to the mastering of this kind of beautiful music. Its something Sam not only enjoys mastering but also helps him to keep himself in the loop with what Kozmodrum is up to next! Great sound - sweet music to listen too.


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