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Marble are a French record label set in the heart of Paris, created and run by Para One, Surkin and Bobmo. They have an easy, friendly atmosphere with a hard-working spirit. Musically Marble isn’t just about a new specific subgenre,  it’s more about meeting people and ideas, trying new stuff, maybe choosing more risky, extreme paths than before. They are about creating fresh ways to talk to bodies and emotions. Blending the rough and the tender, the repetitive and the crashing. Melting concrete with muslin, dirt with plexiglas. Defining a cool maniac attitude to track making, and putting in the same musical capsule familiar, comforting feelings with unknown, estranged vibes. Never ignoring the complexity of life and music, but trying to make it also fun, attractive, exhilarating. Or maybe it’d be more correct to say Para, Surk and Bob want their new label to release brand new, eclectic yet idiosyncratic tracks that they’d love to play in a rammed club in Paris, L.A. or Tokyo. 

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Surkin's first album, called USA. It features 16 tracks, with guest vocals by Detroit’s Ann Saunderson and Chicago’s Kevin Irving (the voice of house blueprint « Move Your Body » by Marshall Jefferson), and two collaborations with longtime friend and labelmate Bobmo, whom with Surkin works as High Powered Boys.

It’s a joyous, juvenile, body-moving record, based on the idea of a radio station called Fireworks FM, set up in Silver Springs. The whole vibe exhales a fantasized eighties soundscape, infused with dance subgenres from that era but dramatically edited by Surkin’s own imaginary memories. Club tracks galore, but also expect more melodic, emotional mid-tempo cuts, but definitely not in a filler way. Mastery all over the place, yet infused with a tremendous feeling of exuberance and freedom. Needless to say it’s an instant classic.

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Sam Tiba Hailing from the Detroit of France, Roubaix, Paris based producer Sam Tiba has always been influenced by his first loves : Hip Hop and Dancehall. More focused on a smooth club project, he’s now trying to approach dance music in a minimal ghetto way. Sam Tiba just cares about vibes and does not hesitate to switch from 90 to 160 bpm in his dj sets. The result : a crazy dancefloor and hundred booties shaking. club hits and riddims produced by Sam Tiba have been greatly remarked and playlisted by djs such as Crookers, BokBok, French Fries, or Drop The Lime (who playlisted him in his Fabric Live Mix). Be warned. He’s comin’ at ya.


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