Being Beings

Mastered for Digital, Vinyl and Lacquer Cut by Sam @ Precise Mastering

"TO BEING TOO and TO BEING TWO" 12" vinyl double LP. 


Something comes from nothing, comes from something, comes from everything...and so it was. 

It started with a statement, "I think it's music, man," a childhood house left empty, and a car full of gifted instruments. 

We thought we'd finish whatever it was we were starting within two weeks, with only our two voices, but it has become something else entirely. 

6 months, 14 friends, a little black box, and 1 microphone later, the spark of what it was, has grown. 

We'll carry on from here, through all of the Carrie Anne's, Cassandra's, Stan's, or some yet to be known as man, because we're all being beings, Being Beings. 

CAT: BB001 & BB002


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