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Nu-Roots records - Run by GRAMMY nominated Record producer Daniel Boyle. A fresh blend of new and established roots reggae artists. old meets new with interesting and dynamic sounds of the 1970's being brought to a global scale! Reggae music has become a voice for the problems and impact that was and is being faced by the people. Nu-Roots helps to bring the sound of reggae music forward to help keep the sound as clear and true as it's original.


Lee "Scratch" Perry -


One of the great original Jamaican record producers that began in the 1950's and has been going strong ever since. He has been a pioneer in helping to develop remixing and vocal versions of reggae tracks.


Rosa Shanti - 


A French reggae artist that gives a sweet smooth sound to her work. Noticed by recording producers she took no time to catch the eye of Nu-Roots and create her release of - Never Catch My Soul thats just a taster of what this artist can produce.


ORieL -


Born on a small Island of Dominica ORieL grew up surrounded by music and has this to thank for his creativity and passion for reggae music that has helped to developed the way he performs. His track Free Yourself being released with Nu-Roots this music has a very real creative and captivating feel. 



Max Romeo -


A Jamaican reggae and roots reggae recording artist who has achieved chart success in his home country and in the United Kingdom. Romeo had several hits with the vocal group the Emotions.Wikipedia

Nu-Roots has been set up to give a constant flow of reggae music to all and gives a new generation a chance to listen to it's deep rooted music. Boyle feels that "here in Europe, it never really fell away, as dancehall never really did its thing over here in the same way it did in Jamaica. In Europe, we have been pushing conscious reggae music continually, supported by the many hard working UK and European sound systems, reggae artists and producers. Now Jamaica is outwardly pushing in this direction once more again too, my vision is to help in my small way, by creating a label that can partner with both sides of the globe; and combine artists and players of instruments together. To help with the creation a global reggae revival, and continue this mission, that for many; has never ended."


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