Percussionist, musician, Songwriter, producer, arranger and RENU announces the release of her debut album Love from London...

Love from London tells of an epic and cinematic journey through the city of London, unrequited love,

Death and Sex. The album features guest appearances from Sebastian Rochford (Polar Bear) Krupa (1 Giant leap), Anna Tabbush (from the infamous Tabbush English folk family).

RENU wrote the album in two years and recorded it in London, Paris, Warsaw and Toronto.


Having studied in Cuba, Brazil, India and Spain RENU has been a highly sought after percussionist specialising in tabla, latin percussion, cajon, Djembe and soundscaping. She is also a self-taught drummer and guitarist. She has worked with MIKA, State of Bengal, Fun-Da-Mental, HKB Finn, Alabama 3, Southbank dance choreographer Gauri Sharma Tripathi and Grace Jones.

The sheer revellery of London party goers in 'London Revellers' to the summer solace of the 'Prince Charles' cinema in the west end. On to another party; this time full of dandy Spanish vampires, in 'We love you'. A spaghetti western, a lonesome ballad, 'London to Alabama'..... from the past, present and the future.

This is the sound of London.......................


”...very affecting and atmospheric indeed...
...more more more
...the whole thing has a great feel to it... anything could happen... what a surprise...”

” - awesome ...
 ...such musicianship, vocal powers, lyricism... so rich and well produced - every layer 
 ... something to be proud of...”

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