Roberto Sanchez

Mastered for Digital by Sam @ Precise Mastering

Roberto's vision of the classic reggae sound: analogue, raw and organic. Deep sounds that reflect a knowledge and devotion for the "Old Style". 

Every track recreates with amazing precision the genuine and atmospheric sounds of Roots Reggae's golden era. This is the music created by a new generation of devoted Reggae fans whose only intention is to play the music they love in the same style as the artists that have influence them so much. 

Brand new Roots music with a strong old-time feel. "Real" instruments instead of sequencers, raw analogue rhythms where the bass and drums dominates. Dubs from the old school like in the days of Lee Perry or Dennis Bovell. 

Nowadays real Reggae is been produced in many parts of the world. Lone Ark is part of a new generation of Roots bands out of Spain who have been releasing quality music recently creating an international following. 


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