Rowena Wise

Mastered for Digital, MFiTs by Sam @ Precise Mastering


 Rowena Wise from Margaret River, Western Australia has had a musical childhood with her family band. Wise had given a fresh sound to her Indie-folk songs that are played on guitar and ukulele by her in a very interesting infusion of tones that given her youthfulness she captures a mature sound that brings a sense of being older than her years. 

Hailing from the Western Australian town of Margaret River, Rowena Wise has grown up with music, touring nationally and internationally performing from a young age in the Wise Family Band. 

Relocating to Melbourne in 2012, Wise has immersed herself in the local scene, playing regularly as a member of The Stray Hens, while writing and recording her own indie-folk songs on guitar and ukulele. 

In the vein of Feist, Wise puts pop-infused melodies, and quirky, conversational lyrics onto a sparse, folk canvas. Her voice breaks and bellows in all the right places. 

After coming runner-up at the Folk Alliance Youth Awards 2014, Wise has since been touring and preparing/producing the release of her debut album in early 2016.

Here at Precise Mastering its been fantastic mastering 'Then We Met' working with the sound of Wise is both fresh and invigorating. Sam was sure to find a crisp clear balance to bring out the vocals and instruments in this master. Wise plays so well on the guitar or her ukulele and has her very own interesting infusion of tones and sounds that comes for her vocals. Looking forward to more form this very talented artist.


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