Si Begg

London-based experimentalist Si (Simon) Begg is a member of the notorious Cabbage Head artist collective, formed in 1990 in the Midlands town of Leamington Spa, and also including noted dance producers Cristian Vogel and Tim Wright (of Germ). Although, with the exception of a few cassette-only releases as a member of Cabbage Head, he's only been actively releasing music since 1995, Begg's discography (as Cabbageboy, Bigfoot, and Buckfunk 3000, as well as under his own name) has quickly grown to nearly a dozen titles strong, with EPs appearing on such labels as Tresor, Ntone, Eukatech, Language, and Chrome. A restless, often ruthless experimenter with little respect for boundaries, Begg's recorded work (particularly under his Cabbageboy guise) toys incessantly with the conventions of ambient, techno, and drum'n'bass, the results often deviating so sharply from classification that they're simply lost on the listener. His releases (like those of compatriots Vogel, Wright, and Dave Clarke) have nonetheless garnered considerable praise from the continental European techno underground, leading to releases on a number of that scene's most popular and respected labels (including Tresor, Mille Plateaux, and MP subsidiary Chrome). Begg's reputation continues to grow at home as well, with a pair of releases on Ninja Tune subsidiary Ntone bringing new, less techno-oriented ears to his awkward, esoteric methods. 

Weaned from his teens on a range of progressive music -- from prog rock and metal to electro and free jazz -- Begg joined Cabbage Head upon being introduced to Cristian Vogel by a mutual friend. After releasing a few cassette projects and hosting a few live events, Vogel and Begg formed the Mosquito label to release dancefloor music with a high quotient of weirdness. Although he released no work of his own through Mosquito, Begg used the time and experience to assemble a studio (now located in Harrow, in northwest London) and focus on A&R and label management, experience he's since applied to a label of his own, Noodles (launched at the top of 1997). Begg moved to London in the mid-'90s, hooking up with Coldcut's Jonathon Moore and Matt Black through the local music scene. He released his first EP as Cabbageboy, Sausage Doctor, on the pair's Ntone label in '95, following it up with an additional EP, Planets, the following year. Begg's connection to Vogel also helped land him a 12-inch on the somewhat exclusive, extremely selective Tresor label, as well as compilation tracks for Force Inc., K7, Kickin', and Mille Plateaux. Begg's Buckfunk 3000 tracks have also appeared through Moody Boy Tony Thorpe's Crammed subsidiary Language, with the label issuing his debut EP toward the end of 1996. The 1997 Buckfunk 3000 LP First Class Ticket to Telos was followed by a Si Begg full-length for Caipirinha, 1998's Commuter World. ~ Sean Cooper, All Music Guide

Source: AllMusic


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