Sportsday Megaphone

Sportsday Megaphone

Frost waxes lyrical amid swirling bleeps and a ghetto-tech beat. His lyrics are clear and concise as he tells his story. His vocal lines and melody are reminiscent of, gulp, dare I say it, Jonathan Davis from Korn. But don’t let that put you off: his voice doesn’t resemble anything of the sort. Fans of the band will still be able to recognize the memorable and thoughtful style most evident on the band's 2002 album, Untouchables. Extremely catchy and very effective, the vocals are, to me, the best element of this track. 

On the flip of this 7-inch, ‘Young Lust’ sees Frost making like Kate Nash’s older, and infinitely more talented, brother. A comparison has to be drawn with Aphex’s Richard D. James record in sound, as it features the super soft synths and bleepy melodies of ‘Fingerbib’. However ‘Young Lust’ has enough of an original spin to set it apart, making it a worthy addition to summer's soundtrack.


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