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We offer a range of services which are all carried out to the highest standard possible. We have a friendly and professional approach to every project undertaken. We respect realistic deadlines and value communication as a key element in our working practice.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project in more detail please do get in touch we'll be happy to hear from you.


Stereo Mastering Stem Mastering
Attended Sessions Vinyl Mastering
Mastered For iTunes WAV & MP3 Masters Inc

Stereo Mastering £60 per track
Stem Mastering £60 base rate + £10 per stem
Speedy turnaround session from £90 per track
All prices are + VAT if applicable

Mastering is simply all about making your music sound the best it possibly can, this is exactly what we do! Our Mastering engineer Sam John has a wealth of experience with over ten years Mastering and Cutting Lacquers in a diverse variety of styles from; acoustic, jazz, reggae, rock, pop to club heavy dance and TV soundtracks.

Sam has a great ear for detail and is highly respected for his judgment and musical talent in being able to understand each track and what is required, each new project requires a fresh approach. The genre of the music will also dictate how we approach the project, whether it be dynamic, transparent, loud, coloured, punchy and so on we make your music sound the best possible!

The studio has a fantastic variety of the best analogue and digital tools available, such as; Maselec, EAR Yoshino, Neumann, Knif Audio, SPL, PMC to name a few. The room has a wonderful flat frequency response, which gives us the truest and most neutral listening environment. This is thanks to the acoustic design by the accredited Leif Mases. The neutral signal path allows us to have an unbiased, uncoloured opinion from which we can then make our decisions on how to make your music sound live, 3D, dynamic, warm, loud, weighty, clear and punchy…. Whatever treatment your music requires we have the tools and the expertise to give your music that wow factor.

Stereo Mastering is simply Mastering a 2 Channel file either interleaved ot a left channel file and a right channel file. This is a standard format for Mastering and a good quality mix will allow us to gain the highest quality results.

Stem Mastering is a little more complex and allows the Mastering engineer more freedom to change the balance of the mix or enhance specific areas of the mix while not affecting the whole track. Stem Mastering normally consists of up to 5 stems and can for example consist of; Bass stem, Drums stem, Instruments stem, Vocals stem & FX stem.

High Sample Rate PCM Mastering allows us to offer you the option to have your Masters captured at the highest quality available for PCM audio. We will provide you with the un-converted high resolution masters along with the down sampled CD and MP3 versions. High sample rate mastering is the closest to analogue and results in a superior refined sound quality.

Super Audio Mastering (DSD) is the highest resolution Digital format currently available and is also called DSD Mastering or 1-bit Audio Stream Mastering. We accept any format DSD files and we will master from source DSD and capture to DSD with no conversion at all. This is the ultimate digital master and is ideal for specialist projects for true high resolution release for Super Audio CD or Downloaded for safety archival purposes.

Online Mastering allows us to work with you wherever you are in the world. Simply upload your tracks to our server using our secure login area. We then Master your project while communicating with you to get exactly what you require. Once complete we upload separate Master Files (WAV & MP3) to you. Or if you require a Master CD we can then provide a DDPi Master of the project from which you can download and audition it on a MAC/PC or burn to an audio CD using our free DDP player software.

Accepted Formats; WAV, AIF, DFF, DSF, WSD, FLAC - Sample rates from 44.1Khz - 192Khz

Vinyl Mastering & Lacquer Cutting

7" 10" & 12" Masters cut Reference Acetates available
Truest high resolution Each track mastered and test cut specifically for vinyl
Clean and Transparent Digital Master WAV's & MP3's included

12" - £135 base + £25 per track + (Mastering as above)
10" - £135 base + £25 per track + (Mastering as above)
7" - £225 - Includes 2 tracks Mastering and cutting
Delivery - UK £15 / Worldwide from £25
All prices are + VAT if applicable

Cutting master lacquers is one of our favourite parts of our business and we know that vinyl is the superior format and we want to show this off by making your music come to life on plastic. We believe that vinyl has a quality and resolution when cut properly that can't be found anywhere else. Throughout the decades formats have come and gone but Vinyl still cannot be surpassed for the quality it gives when playing your music. With over 10 years experience in cutting master lacquers we know how to get a record that stands out from the crowd. The style of music i.e Dance, Reggae, Bass Heavy and Rock, the length of tracks and the speed at which is cut at, all has an effect on how a record will sound in the end.

We know how to get the best from your music when cutting master lacquers. It is an art and something we are very proud to be able to offer here. The art of cutting a perfect record is something that takes skill, knowledge and time. Here at Precise each cut is given as much time as needed, the tracks are specifically EQ'd for vinyl. Test cuts are then made on our tuned Neumann VMS system and listened back until Sam is happy that he has extracted the most to allow for the best possible sounding cut.

Mastering and Lacquer Cutting

We master your tracks and make test cuts until we are totally satisfied then we send you the Master WAV & MP3 Files. Once you're happy the master lacquers are then cut to 12" 10" or 7" and couriered worldwide to your chosen destination. If you are planning a digital release then the digital master files which are provided as a part of this service will complete your package.

Super High Resolution Cutting

We master your tracks and capture from the analogue hardware at high sample rates. The Master lacquers are cut from these high resolution files which we can provide to you along with the 16bit and MP3 Masters

Flat Lacquer cuts

If you have had your Mastering done already and just want to get the Master Lacquers cut we can certainly do this for you. It won't have our trademark mastering but you will know your lacquers are being cut to the best standard.

Reference Acetate Cut

We recomend having a reference acetate made along side your Master Lacquers for vinyl manufacturing. This allows you to cross check the original cut to the vinyl TPs that the manufacturing plant provides.

Dubplates / Reference Acetates

10” & 12” Dubplates Clean and dynamic
Highest quality Neumann Master cutting system Get your favourite tracks cut direct to record
Each track specifically EQ’d for Dubplate. Master WAV's & MP3's available

12" - 2 sides - 1 track per side - £62
12" - 1 side - 1 track - £58
10" - 2 sides - 1 track per side - £62
10" - 1 side - 1 track - £58
Extra tracks £5 each
Multiple order discounts are available please get in touch
Delivery - UK £15 / Worldwide from £25
All prices are + VAT if applicable

Dubplate Master and Cut

Perfect for getting those fresh big tunes sounding their best for hands on play. Also it's a great way to get your favourite unreleased recordings in your record box. There’s nothing like playing out a freshly cut Dub that just lights up the dance floor. Each plate is given that “stand out from the crowd” attention to detail. We wouldn’t do it any other way. We cut on 12" and 10" Acetate Dubplates and courier worldwide.

Dubplate Master bundle

Ideal for doing a digital release at the same time as getting a Dubplate cut. We will provide you with Master WAV and MP3 files alongside a freshly cut Dubplate acetate courier worldwide.

Reference Acetate Cut

We recommend having a reference acetate made alongside your Master Lacquers for vinyl manufacturing. This allows you to cross check the original cut to the vinyl TPs that the manufacturing plant provides.

CD Release

DDP or Redbook Master CD DDPi playback software inc
Electronic DDPi Master Encoding ISRC codes, UPC codes and CD text
100% Error checked Highest quality available

If you are releasing your tracks on CD whether it is for promotional use or for CD sales then you will need a master CD encoded with all your fresh new mastered tracks and all the goodies. This is then sent to the manufacturing plant where it will be used to produce (Duplication or replication) the copies. Our master CD’s are created using specialist equipment and are produced to the highest quality, which will reflect in your end product. We embed the mastered tracks, CD text and ISRC codes if supplied. We supply both Redbook and DDPi Master CD’s. DDPi Masters can be sent electronically to save time and postage, providing the manufacturing plant accepts them. If going overseas this is a useful option. If you are not sure which Master CD option is best for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

Standard Reference Audio CD

A simple reference audio CD of your Masters at the highest quality. Once created we will ship this to you worldwide.

DDP Master CD

The highest quality Master CD available for replication manufacturing of a physical audio CD. We will encode all your tracks, with spacings, CD text and ISRC/UPC codes. This master will contain the exact same quality as the captured mastered files.

Electronic DDPi Master

This Master contains the exact same data as per the DDP Master CD although there is no physical media involved. Once the DDPi has been created we securely upload the image to you for you to download and check using our free DDP software (MAC/PC). This is a great way to audition the final CD before its been sent off to the manufacturing plant.

Redbook Master CD

This is also called a Production Master CD (PMCD) and is an older way of creating a Master CD. It's basically capable of holding ISRC/UPC codes along with CD text and track markers but its recorded to an Audio CD. We have the facilities to output these to the highest standard with paper PQ sheets and error checked but we recommend using these for Duplication (small runs) purposes.

All CD text labelling ISRC Codes
UPC Code Delivery Address
Number of copies Track order/listing

Audio Restoration

Vinyl transfers and restoration Tape tranfers and restoration
General audio resoration Removal of unwanted artefacts
Analogue to Digital transfers Re-Mastering

Audio Restoration involves the use of specialist hardware and software to generally clean and repair damaged or older format audio. We have the experience and equipment to fix even the most challenging restoration project.

Vinyl transfers and restoration

We have one of the best turntables in the world its our Neumann cutting lathe. It has a fantastic playback system (SME) which can extract the most intricate details in a recording. Once captured we can start removing any unwanted audible artifacts such as crackles, pops and scratches.

Tape Transfers and restoration

We can record from many tape formats and as per the vinyl transfers we can clean noise such as hiss, background rumble and most other artefacts.


This can be from Digital or Analogue sources and if the material does not require any restoration then it can be either analogue or digitally re-mastered to get the most from the original recording and captured to your chosen format.

Clearly label all material Make sure to carefully and securly package the source material
Give clear and concise notes (if necessary) Advise us of any special requirments or requests

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