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Audio Mastering & Vinyl Lacquer Cutting

Studio Est. 2005 - Family run, with love for music and passion for the highest quality.



Sam John: Grammy award-winning Mastering Engineer with over 2 decades of Mastering and lacquer cutting history


The studio was professionally designed & built from the ground up with exceptionally high attention to detail.


We are an audio mastering & vinyl lacquer cutting studio based in Scotland nestled in the heart of the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders. Working with you to fine-tune your music and take it to the next level. We’ve had the privilege to design and build our room from the ground up with no compromise. An extremely high attention to detail has resulted in a wonderfully neutral and true frequency/phase response down to 20Hz.  Hearing the truth and making decisions solely on this is a total pleasure and the results speak for themselves.

We know you  have taken a long time to create your project and you are almost ready for release but you are in need of another set of experienced ears to listen carefully and bring it all together and make it sound it’s absolute best. 


Our service is personal, we take pride in each and every project we work on.  We love to build great working relationships with our clients, get to know their style and communicate easily. Sam John is a very meticulous mastering engineer and will only send out a finished project he is 100% happy with. 

Mastering Services


Stereo & Stems

With passion, experience and extreme attention to detail.

Lacquer Cutting Services

Lacquer Cutting

True Powerful Vinyl Mastering & Lacquer Cutting
Test cuts and tweaks are made until the very best sound is achieved.
Restoration Services


Transfers Restored to Perfection
Family Run Business

Family Run

With Dedication & Love


Thanks so much Sam. I know you go above and beyond to get this stuff working. Trust me it sounds amazing on big soundsystems!

Jack Dunning AKA UNTOLD

Much as I expected, the tracks sound brilliant. You both are to be commended for excellent service and attention to detail... I feel that at every turn you had complete understanding of my needs and hopes for the final outcome. You certainly delivered.

Lee, The Stunt People

Sam has a way of pulling the most out of your music with an understanding of how to engage the fullest potential of the vinyl medium. I can't express this enough: Sam John is who you want to make your lacquer master.

Dean Hurley - LA

This is beautiful! You really did a gorgeous job. We LOVE it.


Thank you so much for the beautiful masters, I've been listening to them since I got home late at night till now (and probably will for the rest of the week) 😄.
I'll be coming back for my future projects.

Eden / No Lava

Sounds extraordinary - detail is all crisp and clear, and somehow all feels really dynamic despite also being otherworldly loud, present and crunchy. Magic! Really special stuff here, can't thank you enough for getting these sounding like big league competitors.

Thanks, Sam ... both versions sound great ... you are a true alchemist

I just want to say again how happy we are with your cuts and masters. You are a true master of your craft 🙂

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your dedicated and inspiring work!
We are absolutely blown away by the masters. The tone, dynamic range, space, texture, feeling, etc. Everything is absolutely perfect, Sam! It sounds like mastering them was fun, which is the best compliment I can think of. Thank you sooo much!

Your friendliness, enthusiasm, professionalism, and talent is all remarkable, and you deserve all the best things in life 🙂 thank you so much for working with us and for all the outstanding work you have done this year. You're really something special ❤️

You made it so powerful and clean.
I mean the kick is amazing, powerful, driving and fat. The instruments sound big and clean. The chorus hits hard as it should, and it still manages to sound clean. I'm really impressed, you will hear from me for sure in the future!

Also can you let Sam know that Dom (the producer of this EP) is really happy, as are we! Thanks again to you both for fitting us in and continuing this great work! You're both really helping us forge a solid reputation for amazing sound quality!

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